Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Disaster again for Sanya Lan in Volvo Ocean Race

Again a boat in the Volvo Ocean Race has suffered severe damage to the rigging. 

Sanya Lan, this time, discovered a damaged part D2 on their rigging, just before making a tack while preparing a sail change. Had it not been in daylight, it would not have noticed and they could have lost their mast as well. So a little lucky they are. 

Sanya Lan: Temporary fix on D2 of their rigging
Now heading to Tolagnero on the SE coast of Madagascar for repairs. For sure they will try to re-start and make the sailing till the  pick-up point, as this will still bring in a number of points: 5pts. 
On top of that, they will earn some points for the 2nd part of Leg2, the In-Port race in Abu Dhabi and the 1st part of Leg3 and will be able to continue sailing with the fleet on the restart of part 2 of Leg3. see this for more details. 

The other boats have now all broken thru the  weather front and sailing a N-NE heading towards the Doldrums with their  secrets. 

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