Tuesday, 13 December 2011

VOR Leg2 Start in Cape Town to Abu Dhabi

Cape Town - Start Leg 2 

Isn't is a perfect sailing, nice winds, sunny and the background the Tafelberg, while Starting VOR Leg 2 Cape Town to Abu Dhabi?

The fleet has progressed and sails now just South of South African Coast. The 1st night contrary to the 1st night in Leg1 showed calm winds but luckily all Boats are still in the Race. It seems the navigators have big dilemma's with the  wind systems and while  following close the  SA coast, which at least shortens the  distance , still have to make up their minds on the best route to Abu Dhabi. 

The virtual boats are far ahead, see the TAB Progress Map , but that is also due to a start in another bay some 100 Nm more South. They could  jump on  a wind system that offered good winds for the   1st full day. 

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