Tuesday, 1 November 2011

VORG - Virtual Sailing in VOR

This weekend also a pre-race was sailed on the New Virtual VORG player. Route was from Alicante to the passage of the Mallorca and Menorca and back to Alicante.

The winds were NE , like for the In-Port Race, so it was a game of tacks at the  right moment to get the front of the fleet. The game worked alright, but I missed some decent sails and a W.P. for a good sailing in my night. Both  were to purchase, but me as pensioner will not go for that, so I will use only the basic VORG player and  see how many paying skippers I can beat.

A large discussion erupted as some skippers had a favorable approach to the 1st gate: from the SW to pass the gate line and return over the same gate line towards the Finish. This is a normal way of Sailing in most virtual sailing players like LiveSkipper or SailOnLine, but some skippers lacked this experience and started complaining, to their succes as the VORG race committee succumbed to these plea's. Anyway some of these clever experienced sailors were dsq'ed while others not?
Reason given by VORG  r.c. was, that the estimated path on the map showed the route around the islands; strange is however that none of the 10 declared winners followed this route on another island passage either.

A big controversy and I really hope that VORG r.c. will learn from this. Next Race Instruction shall be clear and explain in detail the requirements for the route without any ambiguity. Also it shall be made clear whether the route indication around islands etc, is compulsory or assistance only???

You can find the VORG in their own web-site.

Another BIG un-known for the VORG is still not solved:  
how much will this game cost?
The free player is very basic and for any modern virtual game feature they ask  money: some extra sail like Genoa and Code0, for the WayPoints, for auto-angle and even to buy extra energy !
Energy on a sailing boat? It looks like VORG has left the idea of sailing Green and is more promoting to use the motor. A real pity for this VORG.

You will be set back for each leg about $1000; comprising of an extra sail set for $250, a heavy weather sail set $250, the auto angle and auto sail features 2 times $150, some Waypoints at $20 each (or bought in volume it can be reduced), and candy bars for crew energy of $25 per candy bar, which could add with 30 days a leg and 6 crew members. The prices are now mentioned in $ but the game also speaks on credits, for the survival of the VORG I hope that the exchange rate is about 1:100 .

These purchase options have ruined the level playing field and it looks like you have to buy your place for the Podium.

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  1. Totally agree on your conclusion. This is not a sport event, it's a money machine - and it's not worth spending any time on.
    Shame on you Volvo!