Thursday, 10 November 2011

Good News on Repairs

The VOR is going steady but relatively slow for the 4 Sailing boats.

Groupama is the only boat that is following the West African Coast searching for potential starting trade winds. She has this morning the lead on the others with about 40 Nm.

The other 3 boats have headed West and hoping for stronger winds and a good place to confront the doldrums.

Azzam the boat from Abu Dhabi is Sailing again!
During the first day of VOR , she was sailing in strong winds and high waves and unlucky broke her Mast. Back in Alicante the spare mast was mounted and since early this morning, Azzam is Sailing again, about 820 Nm behind the Leader. Will she be able to catch up with the other 4 boats?

Sanya suffered a whole in the bow section of the hull. 

Sanya Lan, the entry from China has a repair plan that shows that she can be repaired and ready for sailing before the start of next Leg in Cape Town. 
The plan comprises of a transport to Gibraltar by truck, a transport by ship to Cape Town, departing late this weekend and ETA around 28 November. 
A new part for the damaged Hull  is being made and will be mounted in time in Cape Town.

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