Wednesday, 16 November 2011

No Even Playing Field in VORG

Its now about a week and half sailing and the difference in capabilities of the Real VOR boats, the VORG boats on Options and the No Money VORG boats is becoming very  much clear. 

For a comparison, please see the map under the TAB Progress Map.

The fastest Boats are the VORG boats on Options, followed by the Real VOR Boats and the No Money VORG boats are now capable of producing the same speeds. 

The VORG boats on Options are about 100 Nm away from Fernando de Noronha. 
Puma, the leaders in the Real Boats is about 300 Nm away from Frenando and the first of the No Money VORG boats  is about 800 Nm away. 

So my fear is confirmed that the Winners in the Virtual VORG can only climb the Podium , because they have bought so many Options. These options like turbo sails, auto angle, waypoint scheduler and extra energy for their boat engine give so much extra's that even a poor sailor will be able to win from a good sailor that is using only the Basic features of the VORG boats, including the free credits; with do not give you e.g. the better sails package.

It is a pity for the VORG , that companies like VOLVO are so money hungry that they made the Game so much "off equal playing fields". Only the big spenders can climb the Podium :(

On the other hand the club of The No Money Sailors is growing by the day and  0$ sailors having a lively discussion and a lot of fun. 

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